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500KG/H Biomass Pellet Production Line Solution

--- BIOMASS pellets φ 6~10mm
(1)  Material selection: More kinds of sawdust, Wood Chips, Rice husk, Groundnut-shell, Maize/Jowar/Bajra Stalks, Straw / Stalks of Cobs / Husk /Paddy/Sunflower,  Cotton Stalk, crop Stalk, Wheat Straws, Forestry wastes, chemical waste, solid powder materials and many other Agro wastes, especially low-bonding and unformed materials.
(2) Moisture Content:  10~12%;

(3) Material size:  ≤ 5mm.
No. Product Power (kw) NW (kg)  Capacity(kg/h) Q'TY(set) Remarks
1 Crusher 30 850 1500-2000 1 Including airlock,blower,cyclone
2 Rotary drier 9 4300 500-700 1 Including hot air stove, conveyor, drying cylinder ,cyclone, fan, reducing device,cyclone,speed regulating motor
3 Belt conveyor 1.5 550 500-700 1 Including speed regulating motor, rotating speed:125-1250 r/min
4 Pellet mill 37 1300 500-700 1 Including feeding device, feeding motor,magnetic selector,Hydraulic oil pumps,Star triangle start motor,960r
5 Screw elevator 0.75 110 400-500 2 Including hoisting motor
6 Cooling separator 7 1500 400-500 1 Including fan, tunnel, Separation motor, cooling silo, vibrating screen, vibrating motor, airlock
7 Pulsed dust collector 5.5 1000   1 Including fan, tunnel, air compressor
8 Packing machine 4.5 1450   1 Including electric motor, automatic rating packing controller: 15-20kg bags
9 Electric cabinet   600   1 controls all the equipment

Note: The above data is just for reference, as the raw materials to be processed is a natural product, the above mentioned data concerning capacities, products parameters, and consumptions may vary depending on the origin, type, and nature of the raw material.
Equipments list and feature:
1. Crushing
Hammer mill is widely used in swine farm, wood factory, etc. It is equipped with high carbon steel blade. The raw materials(wood pieces/ tree branches, straw, grass, corn /wheat / sorghum/ cotton stalks, waste cardboard, bamboo, wood scrap, peanut/ biomass shell and etc.)can be crushed into straw particles, whose diameter is 3-5mm.
2. Rotary drying
The rotary dryer is composed of stove, main rotary body, screw conveyor, cyclone separator, air-lock, fan and matched pipes which can realize to reduce the moisture from 60%-10%The heat generator combined fan is not included in our quotation, the moisture evaporating capacity of our rotary drum dryer from 250kg per hour to 3000kg per hour.

3. Belt conveyor to feed the pellet mill
Suitable for convey the materials from drier to the pellet mill. From the bellow to the high place. Mainly used for conveying sawdust, powder, grains and oilseeds, etc.

4. Pelletizing process
5. Screw elevator
6. Cooling separator
Cool the hot pellet from the pellet machine quickly to normal temperature same as the weather, which is not more than 3 – 5 degrees.
7. Pulsed dust collector
Rid off the dust for clear the air.
8. Packing machine     Horizontal automatic packer Automatically weight the pellet for packing one by one. 

PS: The Auto Packing Machine includes the Bagging Weigher, Sewing, Conveyor unit and Air Compressor.
9. Electrical power box
Automatically control the whole line. It is matched with more sensors for controlling the whole process automatically.