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Pellet production line for 1500kg/h solution

Flow Chart for Pellet production line

Equipments for the Pellet production line
No Equipments Power(kw) QTY(PC) Remarks
1 Crusher 30 1 It can crush the material into 3-5mm
2 Dryer machine 7.5 1 High adaptability of the materials,high strength of moisture evaporation.(including the fan,airlock,cyclones,screw conveyor)
3 Ring die pellet machine 132+3 1 Ring die diameter 508mm,(including the surge bin, fan,cyclones,airlock)
4 Cooler 1.5 1 Sliding discharge system for uniform,mild discharging with less remainder.
5 Screener 1.5 1  
6 Packing system 4+1.5 1+1 Including the finished product bin,level detector,pneumatic gate,packing scale and sewing machine with belt conveyor)
7 Materials Supplied by buyer   Including the frame,platform,cable,wire,bridge,air network system,pipes and pipeline etc
8 Electric cabinet   1 Controlled machines.

Raw Materials for making pellets

The pellets made by our pellet plant

Equipment for the pellet production line.