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Feed Hammer Mill for Feed Pellet Plant

Feed Hammer Mill Introduction
Feed hammer mill is the necessity in feed pellet production and our wide chamber feed hammer mill can be used grinding various grains like husks, maize, wheat, beans, peanut, etc which are suitable to make feed pellets. The special design of feed hammer mill can ensure a large space for grinding chamber and improves working efficiency by 40%.
Feed Grinding Mill Application and Features
1. New type feed hammer mill has automatic feeding device and it also can adjust the quantity of feeding automatically.
2. The wide chamber can avoid circulation and working efficiency is highly improved compared to other hammer mills;
3. Feed hammer mill can convert from coarse grinding to fine grinding by adjusting the clearance between the screen and beater.
4. The right aspiration can make materials go through screen quickly and reduce grinding chamber temperature as well as increase output effectively.
Feed Hammer Mill Machine Working Theory
Feed hammer mill consists of delivery device, hammers, screen, rod and rotor on which hammers are mounted. The hammers swing on the central rotor freely. The rotor spins at a high speed while material is sent into a feed hopper. The material is impacted by the hammers and is thereby grinded and then discharged through screens in a selected size.
Feed Hammer Mill Technology Data

Model FSP56*36 FSP56*40 FSP60*30 FSP60*45 FSP60*60 FSP60*75 FSP112*40
Capacity(t/h) 2.5--5 4--7 2--5.5 5--9 6--10 8--13 12--22
Diameter of rotor(mm) 560 560 600 600 600 600 1120
Width of chamber (mm) 360 400 300 450 600 750 400
Speed of hammers (m/s) 86 86 94 94 94 94 84
Hammer QTY(pcs) 20 24 24 44 48 60 40
Speed of rotor (r/min) 2980 2980 2980 2980 2980 2980 1440
Power (kw) 18.5/22 30/37 18.5/22 45/55 75/90 90/110 90/110

Sieve hole size (mm): φ1.2,φ1.5,φ2.0,φ2.5,φ3.0,φ3.5,φ4.0
Motor: Siemens.

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Product Name: Feed Hammer Mill for Feed Pellet Plant
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