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Household Wood Pellet Boiler

Household Wood Pellet Boiler
Known as automatic biomass pellet boiler, household wood pellet boiler has been widely used for central heating and domestic hot water. It is a stand-alone, energy-saving device and mostly used for supply heat for hot water, it can also be connected with heating radiator to keep warm. Household wood pellet boiler is the necessity of house,bath center,canteen,college,greenhouse heating,etc.For commercial heating or warming,we are capable to customize commercial wood pellet boiler.
Merits of Household Wood Pellet Boiler
▷High heating exchanging ratio and heating efficiency of above 92% with less fuel compared to the common boiler.
▷Automatic burning. Adjusted thermal power,semi-gasification burning, avoids the disadvantage of no complete combustion.
▷Automatically feeding and firing. As long as feed enough fuel, the boiler can feed itself: 10 kg/time which can meet heating requirement in long time.
▷Small room occupation. Can be installed in buildings,villa and civil house.
▷Energy saving and zero pollution: 0.8-1.5kg/h for 100m2 .
▷Easy operation and installation,safe to use.

wood pellet boiler

Biomass Pellets Materials and Advantages
Wood pellet boiler uses biomass pellets as fuel and biomass pellets materials are of wide ranges flammable biomass such as crops straw, branches, cotton wood, sawdust, weeds and animal manure, etc.

wood pellet price advantage

--Price advantage
Biomass pellets are easy to make and cost-effective, the wide application of biomass pellets can save us the trouble in worrying about the price of gas, coal,petrol and other fuel.
--New energy trend
The increasing environment problem has prompted us to develop new energy to replace those pollutant traditional fossil fuel;biomass pellets is such a best choice for its ready-to-use materials and recycling waste processing technology.
Household Wood Pellet Boiler Technical Data

Model Heating output Heating area Heating efficiency Pellet tank capacity Pellet
Power Dimension Weight
DHS-G-18 18kw 120-200m2 92% 200kg 3-4kg/h 220V/50HZ 990*990*1200mm 160kg
DHS-G-30 30kw 210-300m2 92% 200kg 4-6kg/h 220V/50HZ 1000*1000*1200mm 210kg
DHS-G-50 50kw 400-500m2 92% 260kg 8-10kg/h 220V/50HZ 1200*1200*1400mm 260kg
DHS-G-80 80kw 600-700m2 92% 300kg 14-16kg/h 220V/50HZ 1350*1350*1510mm 310kg


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