Complete Wood Pellet Plant

Complete Wood pellet plant
Wood pellet plant refers to a complete process for making biomass material into a new type environmentally-friendly pellets widely used as biofuel for industrial and commercial use. We are professional wood pellet plant supplier and can make the perfect design according to your workshop and your different raw material with the economical capital investment. 
A complete wood pellets pelletizing plant, from raw material processing to final pellet packing, can be general divided into the following three parts:
1.Material handling system( wood chipper & wood crusher)
As there are various kinds of raw material for making wood pellets, you should have a clear understanding about the material to be processed. Materials with different size and diameter need to be handled with different machines. Here we introduce two major machines for you: wood crusher and wood hammer mill. Wood crusher is ideal equipment for crushing raw materials like square logs with diameter less than 200mm; if the material has a diameter less than 50mm, then wood hammer mill is the best choice. The output of both two machines has a diameter about 4mm which is suitable for pelletizing process.

wood hammer mill

 Wood hammer mill   Wood crusher

2.Pelletizing system(drying & wood pelletizing machine)
The wood powder produced by wood crusher and hammer mill has too much moisture which can effect the quality of pellets. So before pelletizing, a drying machine is needed to make the moisture reaches about 15%. According to the wood powder moisture and handling capacity, you should choose the most suitable one from drum dryer and pipe dryer.
Pellet mill is the heart of the whole pellet plant. Ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill are the two popular machines respectively for large and small production scale.


wood pellet mill

Rotary dryer   Ring die pellet mill

3.Packing system(cooling, screening& pellets bagging machine)
After the pelletizing process, the temperature of the wood pellet is more than 80 degree centigrade, and the moisture content of the wood pellet is about 15%.So we need use a cooler to reduce about 3-4% of the moisture, which makes the wood pellet easy to store.
After the cooling process,packing process is necessary to protect the pellets from the damp.

Counter-flow cooling machine Packing machine

For the complete wood pellet plant, the dust filtering is a heavy and important task. We recommend the impulse dust filter to the customers having special demand. 

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