MZLH Series Wood Pellet Mill

MZLH Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Introduction
As wood pellets have become a good choice of new type fuel by more and more people, a large scale production of wood pellets is urgently needed. MZLH Ring die wood pellet mill is just a machine specialized in making biomass materials into wood pellets for industrial and commercial use.The output pellets are widely used in electricity-generating and water–heating in power plant etc.
Wood Pellets Advantages
1.High burning rate and more uniform heating properties due to low moisture content.
2.More environmentally friendly with little emissions discharged.
3.Convenient to transport and easily to store.
4.Turn local biomass waste into value.

wood pellets making

MZLH Series Wood Pellet Mill Features
1. MZLH series ring die pellet mill can be in continuous production with low noise, low malfunction & energy consumption and high output.
2. The advanced gear driving device is made of wear-resisting material and forged by vacuum furnace heating treatment making the operation stable and capacity is 15% higher than belt driving.
3. Adopt SKF bearing and NAK oil seal with more than 30000 hours gear service life.
4. MZLH series ring die pellet mill adopts imperative feeding device ensures continuous feeding and high working efficiency.
5. Oil cooling and lubricating system is adopted, automatically lubricating each main bearing and oil seal while providing oil alarm device to improve the machine reliability and service life.
6. MZLH series ring die pellet mill adopts imperative feeding device. As the biomass sawdust is of light weight, so they are needed to be pushed into pelletizing chamber by force to ensure the pelletizing process in a continuous and smooth way.

ring die pelletizingRing Die Pellet Mill Working Principle
After the material is sent into feeder, the screw conditioner will mix them evenly and then distributes the sawdust to pelletizing chamber. The rollers in the chamber drive the material into holes of ring die to form pellets. Meanwhile,There is severial knives to cut the pellets into different size as they need. At last, the pellets will be discharged into a container ready for use.

MZLH Series Wood Pellet Mill Technology Data

Model Power(kw) Capacity Dimension
MZLH 320 37kw 0.3~0.5t/h 2100*800*1300mm
MZLH 350 55kw 0.4~0.6t/h 2200*900*1500mm
MZLH 400 75kw 0.8~1t/h 2300*1000*2100mm
MZLH 420 90kw 1~1.2t/h 2300*1000*2100mm
MZLH 508 132kw 1.5~2.2t/h 3200*1300*1900mm
MZLH 558 160kw 2.5~3.5t/h 3500*1500*2800mm

Wood Pellets Size:Φ6mm, Φ8mm, Φ9mm, Φ10mm, Φ12mm
Quality Guarantee: 2 years guarantee for main body.
Extensive range of pellet plant ancillary machines and spares for your choice.

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