Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill Introduction
The Diesel flat die feed pellet mill is driven by a diesel engine, together with the gearbox to change its speed. This diesel-type feed pellet mill can run smoothly with little noise and is very popular in electricity-lacking areas. Diesel feed pellet mill is capable to process corn, wheat, grass powder, straw powder, etc. into feed pellets for rabbits, chicken, sheep, fish, shrimp, and so on. It is especially applicable to medium or small-size feed-process factories and farm-holders, while for large-scale feed pellets production, ring die feed pellet machines will be better.

Diesel Feed Pellet Machine Working Process
1. Raw materials need to be crushed and dried first.
2. Then mix the crushed materials and other additives evenly.
3. Put the powder materials into the chamber of the pellet mill, then the roller presses the powder through the holes of the die to form feed pellets, meanwhile a cutter on the other side of the die cuts the feed pellets that have been pressed out from the holes.
4. Make sure the feed pellets are cooled before storage.
Feed pellets size ranges: Φ2.5mm, Φ3mm, Φ4mm, Φ6mm, Φ8mm

Diesel Feed Pellet Press Advantages
1. For powder feed and grass meal processing, no (or little) liquid additives need to be added for granulation. So the formed feed pellets’ moisture content is basically equal to that before pelletizing.
2. Rollers and flat die are made of high-quality alloy steel, ensuring long service life.
3. Feed Pellets made by diesel feed pellet mills have high hardness, smooth surface, and full degree of internal maturation. It can not only improve the digestion and absorption of nutriment but kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, obtaining higher economic benefits than mixed powder feed.
4. Simple structure, wide applicability, small floor coverage, and low noise.

Diesel Feed Pellet Mill Technology Data

Model Power(HP) Capacity Flat Die Dia. Net/Gross Weight Dimension
120A 8HP 60-100kg/h 120mm 110/130kg 870x440x730xmm
150A 8HP 90-120kg/h 150mm 120/140kg 870x460x730mm
200A 15HP 200-300kg/h 200mm 270/300kg 1180x560x950mm
230A 22HP 300-400kg/h 230mm 280/310kg 1180x560x950mm
260A 35HP 400-600kg/h 260mm 450/480kg 1840x700x1160mm
300A 55HP 500-700kg/h 300mm 520/560kg 2200x600x1230mm
360A 55HP 700-900kg/h 360mm 600/620kg 2270x620x1260mm
400A 55HP 900-1100kg/h 400mm 750/780kg 2270x620x1260mm