SSHJ Series Feed Mixer Machine
Mixing is a necessary procedure in feed pelletizing plants because the material uniformity can directly affect the quality of the final pellets. SSHJ series feed mixer machine is widely used for mixing the raw material powder which can make feed pellets of high quality & smooth surface as well as balanced nutrition. The high mixing speed and uniform mixing effect guarantees its wide application in poultry and aquacultural feed plant, chemicals, the food, and medicine industry, etc.feed mixer machine

SSHJ Series Mixing Machine Characteristics
— Wide application in blending powder, granules, or flakes materials in feed, food, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, etc.
— Highly mixing speed and uniformity: 30-120 seconds per batch; CV≤5%.
— Full-opening discharge system for fast discharging and less residue.
— Multi-spraying discharge system for adding all kinds of liquid nutrition ingredients.
— Build with air return pipe and safety inspection door at the side.
— Compressed air injection system can be supplied according to the customer’s request to reduce residue to the lowest level.

Feed Blending Machine Working Principle
SSHJ series mixing machine is composed of two rotors that move in opposite directions. There are many paddles welded in special angles on rotors. Paddles bring feed materials to move in a counterclockwise direction along with the mixing chamber’s inner wall, at the same time, it stirs feed materials horizontally. In the rotors’ overlapping areas, there is a floating zone where feed materials will float upward no matter the material’s shape, size, and density. Thus feed materials can be completely and uniformly mixed.

Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm)
SSHJ1 1990 1445 1885
SSHJ2 2500 1600 2170
SSHJ4 2800 2000 3021

SSHJ Series Feed Mixing Machine Technical Data

Model Effective volume Capacity per batch Mixing time Mixing Uniformity Power
SSHJ0.2 0.2m³ 100kg 30~120s CV%≤5 3/4kw
SSHJ0.5 0.5m³ 250kg 30~120s CV%≤5 5.5/7.5kw
SSHJ1 1m³ 500kg 30~120s CV%≤5 11/15kw
SSHJ2 2m³ 2000kg 30~120s CV%≤5 15/18.5kw
SSHJ4 4m³ 1000kg 30~120s CV%≤5 22/30kw
SSHJ6 6m³ 3000kg 30~120s CV%≤5 37/45kw