Wide Application of Biomass Pellets in Africa 
What is your impression of Africa? Yes, Africa is among those who always suffer seasonal droughts. During the seasonal droughts, Africa will face an energy crunch as a result of the decline in bushes which are mainly burned for heating. Meanwhile, gas and fossil fuels are rather expensive. Fortunately, with the application of biomass pellet machines, this problem can be solved. A biomass pellet machine can make use of forest residues, agricultural wastes and grass into biomass pellets to be burned as fuel. Recent years have witnessed the popularity of biomass pellet machines in Africa. Then what contributes to this?
In Africa, biomass materials like rice husk, coconut husk, sawdust, coffee husk, and many other agricultural wastes do have a wide distribution. Certified forest area is another factor that stimulates the use of biomass pellet machines. Sawdust, in particular, can even be bought from timber mills at a lower price. Thanks to the sufficient materials, Africa has been cited as one of the biggest potential sustainable suppliers of biomass pellets.
In the domestic, eighty percent of Africans rely on biomass pellet machines to turn wood, crop, and animal residues into biomass pellets. Most of the biomass pellets are burned for household needs. According to the immense application of biomass pellet machines in the local areas, some experts predict that biomass energy may get continuous use for at least the next two decades.
As for the foreign market, the U.S. and EU are the main importers of biomass pellets driven by fuel shortage and less carbon emission. Africa with abundant raw materials is regarded as a potential supplier of biomass pellets.
Seeing the prevalent interest in biomass pellets produced by ring die wood pellet mill in Africa, have you had the impulse to start a biomass pellet business in Africa? There are sawdust pellet palnt, straw pellet machines, and grass pellet machines in the market. You have a wide range of choices to find the perfect pellet mill for you.