Due to the increase in the cost of conventional fuel (such as coal, wood, and natural gas) and the need for new energy resources, more people start to focus on the Biomass fuel business. Biomass briquette is renewable, clean, eco-friendly energy, especially for agricultural countries. In Africa, most people work in agriculture and the incomes of the agriculture play an important role in their national economy. From this point of view, Africa is suited to develop the biomass fuel business.
What is Briquetting Plant
Briquetting Plant
is a new technology in which all types of agriculture waste, forestry waste, and industrial waste are converted into solid cylindrical shape logs using very high mechanical pressure without the help of any chemical or binder. This product can directly be used as nonconventional fuel. Flat die biomass briquette machine is an industry that protects nature cuts pollution and saves worthy foreign exchange. It also avoids the misuse of agricultural waste and helps farmers get money out of their agricultural waste and get good returns by installing of Briquetting Plant.

Sawdust briquette machine 1

Main Features of Briquetting Plant
1. High profitability on investment
2. Short gestation and quick payback
3.100% depreciation on plant and machinery during the first year
4.No sale tax on finished products in most states
5.No excise duty on finished goods.
6.100% income tax exemption for the first five years
7. Excellent growth potentiality
8. Wide variety & easy availability of raw materials
9. Ready market
10.No pollution as it does not emit phosphorous and sulfur fumes and contains low ash  content
11. Minimum working capital
12.No license is required as it helps to balance the ecological environment
13. It helps to pressure the natural resource like coal, lignite, wood, and petroleum, products of proper size and consistent quality of briquettes


Why Choose to Build the Briquetting Plants in Africa
1. Agriculture is the pillar industry in Africa and the Briquetting Plants need the waste of crops as their raw materials exactly. Thus not only can turn the crop wastes into useful things but also can avoid polluting the environment by burning the crop wastes.
2. Building briquetting plants need little working capital but can produce great benefits, which will help to improve the African’s poor life.
3. Building briquetting plants will also change the sole agricultural economy structure in Africa and promote the diversification of the economic structure.
In a word, building Briquetting Plants is a project with low cost and quick payback, so why not start this project in the agricultural countries? If you need Briquetting Machines, please feel free to contact us. pellet-plants.com, the professional briquetting machines’ supplier, will provide you with the machines with guaranteed quality and high-grade after-sale service.