Wood Pellets as Fuel in North America
 When a majority of European countries are using wood pellet machines to produce wood pellets as pellet fuel, North America is not lagging behind. In essence, wood pellet machines and wood pellet plants are widespread in the United States and Canada. In the U.S., there are approximately 1,000,000 families using wood pellets as fuel in stoves and fireplaces for home heating. Wood pellets for heating are also used in schools, companies, and other organizations. In Canada, large industrial boilers are used a lot to generate power and heat. Now, wood pellets processed by pellet machines are largely burned in industrial boilers as fuel.wood pellets
Definitely, wood pellets must have unique features that contribute to the wide application. Pellets are renewable, clean, and burning-efficient in comparison with traditional fossil fuels. All materials like wood waste, agricultural products, and byproducts can be processed by machine and turned into pellets. It is not exaggerated to say that wood pellet machines can convert millions of tons of waste into wood pellets.
Since it has gained great popularity in the United States and Canada, both countries must have abundant materials to be processed by wood pellet machines. It is quite true. As a highly-developed country,  agriculture in America occupies 1/5 of the whole world. It possesses a large quantity of agricultural byproducts that can be used by wood pellet machines to produce wood pellets. As for Canada, its forest areas account for 44% of that of the world’s, guaranteeing a consistent supply of wood materials for wood pellet plants. Another important material source for both countries is that the majority of North America’s forest is under replantation. Thus periodic trimming is necessary to promote its growth. When it comes to trimming, a large amount of branches will be cut down. This wood waste can be utilized by manufacturers and turn them into pellets with wood pellet mills.
With sufficient raw materials in the United States and Canada, wood pellets as fuel will maintain sustainable growth in North America.

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