Aquatic Feed Industry Prospect
In recent years, with higher growth in the domestic aquaculture industry, the aquatic feed industry is developing rapidly. As is known to all, currently, China is the largest aquatic products breeding country in the world, which undoubtedly may bring broad prospects for related aquatic feed industry development. With the application of floating fish feed extruder, the aquatic feed industry is turning towards the direction of industrialization and large-scale production. Now let’s have a brief analysis of the aquatic feed industry development.aquatic feed pellet
First, aquatic product consumption will continue with steady promotion.
Aquatic product has its obvious advantages compared with livestock and poultry animals, also fish and shrimp belong to high-grade protein and healthy food. All this make people prefer to eat fish, shrimp, crab, and many other aquatic products in their daily life. Meanwhile, with the changing in people’s dietary structure, the aquatic products in the domestic dietary structure ratio will rise steadily, and the mainland aquatic products will occupy a more and more important position in global seafood consumption. Consequently, the Chinese aquaculture industry will steadily develop over a long period.
Second, further improve the market concentration.
From the current development form see that aquatic feed pellet enterprise roughly has three kinds of integrated models. Firstly, Feed enterprises extend to the feed raw material industry, additive production, and technology development, at the same time to the integration development of feed, processing, and sales, thus becoming dragon enterprises in feed processing for “leading”. Secondly, with the large enterprise as the core, small and medium enterprises participate in, then develop into a feed industry group which is contributed to feed processing and sales. Thirdly, on the basis of the perfection and improvement of the feed industry, developing to other industries.
Third, develop the feed additives industry.
From the above analysis, we can come to the conclusion that the aquatic products industry possesses broad development prospects, not only in the R&D field but also in the technology and market realm. So it is necessary for professional personnel to make great efforts in the aquatic feed pellet industry. Further understanding you need, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always on your side.