There are some problems with processing pellets, which will affect the appearance of pellets, transportation of the pellets, sales market of the pellets, and so on. When the feed pellet mill are processing the feed pellets, the easiest-causing problem is too much powder in the pellets. In order to improve the quality level caused by too much powder, we must identify the causes. There are some causes analysis for this appearance defect for your reference.
1, The pellet surface is not smooth, the structure is not compact and the incision is not neat, which causes the pulverization of the pellets during transporting;
2, The grading screen outlet is blocked by too much powder, thus the powder created during pelletizing and cooling process cannot be screened out;
3, The finished pellets stored in the surge bin feed in a funnel-shaped way; those pellet materials have good fluidity drop first and the worse the fluidity is, the slower they drop. Thus, pellets of worse liquidity accumulate into piles and finally collapse in the pellets chamber mixing with the good pellets.
4, Pay no attention to classifying the pellets and the powder, while splicing the pellets. And then the worse pellets containing powder are not filtered.
Solutions to the more powder pellets problems are as follows
1, According to the properties of the material and the requirement of the pellets, we should choose the appropriate ring die hole(ring die feed pellet mill), compression rate, and feeding quantity;
2, In consideration of the influence of pellet pulverization, When we design the pellets formula, we should appropriately reduce flat and fiber content and increase the starch content;
3, Improving the maturation degree of the feed by extending the tempering time, increasing water and moisture of the materials;
4, Adjusting and polishing the cutter to make the incision neat and enhance the crushing fineness. (Raw material grinding machine)
5, Cleaning and repairing the classifying screen powder outlet timely to make the pellets flow smoothly and quickly.
6, In the process of collecting pellets, we should keep attention on distinguish the pellet’s powder content. We should screen again for pellets containing too much powder. especially for fish feed, the feed formula standard is high very, we should equip the vibrate screen with a feed pellet mill to rescreen.
In a word, we should select suitable solutions in order to improve the appearance of the pellets, the popularity of the pellets, and expand market share, according to the different causes of your pellet mill.