Analysis of Extruded Fish Feed Popularity
At present, the fishery has developed rapidly because the floating fish feed extruder was born. Up to now, there has been a marked increase in the use of extruded diets for feeding fish. These diets have superior water stability, better-floating properties, and higher energy than pelleted diets. And the main effects on fish are an increase in fish growth and an improvement in feed conversion. We will analysis of the raw materials and the feed as follows.
1. Raw Material
The raw materials are very rich, such as soybean, corn, rice bran, and so on. What is better, they are very nutritional.
Soybean protein can help balance the nutriment deficiencies of such grains as wheat, which are low in important amino acids. Soybean meals are available as feedstuffs to prepare a fish feed diet for crab that was 25 percent crude protein. Soy flour and grits, made from grinding whole soybeans, are used in the commercially produced extruded or steam-pressed pellets to aid in dough conditioning or soy flour may also be prepared by steaming the unextracted, dehulled flakes to remove the bitter flavors, so the fish feed made from it tastes good.

fish feed raw material
Corn starch is a product used in both animal feed and human feed. Corn starch has the following nutrients that fish is needed in their food such as dextrose, glucose syrups, high-fructose syrup, and maltodextrin.
Oils were developed as a result of increased extraction of lipids from rice bran. Edible oils obtained from rice brains must be treated to inactivate lipase enzymes that will hydrolyze the lipids to form free fatty acids rancid odour which is needed in fish feed. It is said that the properties enable the rice bran to be utilized as an edible grade in a variety of applications as well as fish feed formulation products thus this by–product utilization has the potential to increase the value added to rice as a food ingredient.
In a word, thanks to the fish feed extruder, the fish feed made from the materials tastes good and nutritional.
2. Fish Feed
(1)The feed is digestible because the electric heating device improves the feed expansion rate.
(2)The fish fed with the extruded feed are healthy because salmonellosis and bacterial infections can be killed by high temperature and high pressure.
From the above, we can see that the fish feed extruder makes a contribution to the fishery., as an experienced supplier of fish feed extruders, will promise you professional guidance.