Vietnam is rich in tropical and subtropical fruits, including sugarcane and cashew nuts, because which climate is very suitable for these fruits to brew sugar. Sugarcane bagasse is a fiber made from sugarcane after the juice is extracted, which can be used for sugarcane bagasse pellets to burn in the energy industry, and also be fermented and processed into feed pellets in the poultry and livestock industry. The economic benefits are very large in the Vietnam market.

Vietnam Sugarcane Plant

Benefits of Making Sugarcane Bagasse Pellets In Vietnam
* The sugarcane bagasse materials are abundant. Statistics from Vietnam media indicated that the sugarcane plantation in 2013 is 29.8200 hectares, an increment of 15000 hectares compared with the previous year 2012, and the production is 1905.0000 tons, 150.0000 tons more than last year 2012. These sugarcanes are planted in Greater Mekong Delta Subregion, which is the largest production area in Vietnam.
* The government policies support. The Vietnam government attaches great importance to agricultural plantation development, including providing financial support and technical support to foster agricultural economic development.
* The biomass energy market value. Biomass energy is an emergency industry and must be high-speed developing in the future, because of its cleanness, non-pollution, high caloric value and renewable, and so on advantages. A pellet machine is a pellet tool for completing this goal.

bagasse waste sugarcane bagasse pellet burning bagasse pellets

Highlights of Making Sugarcane Bagasse Pellets with Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine
The pellet-making process is comparing complex, which should be Raw materials prepared – Crushing process (Hammer Mill) – Drying process (Rotary Drum Dryer) – Pelletizing process (Wood Pellet Machine) – Cooling process (Pellet Cooling Machine) – Packing process (Pellet Packing Machine). But the pellet-making machine is very crucial for the whole pellets-making process. Our company is specialized in designing and manufacturing and supplying pellet machines with professional engineers and advanced technology for more than ten years of pellet machine export&import experience which are able for your perfect pellet machine solution.
1. Smokeless: the charcoal briquettes burn without any smoke during ignition and burning.
2. Low Ash Content: minimum residual ash is formed.
Odorless: the charcoal briquettes contain minimum evaporative substances, thus eliminating the possibility of odor.
3. Longer Burning Hours: two times longer burning hours compared to wood charcoal.
4. Sparkless: these charcoal briquettes will not produce sparks as compared to wood charcoal.
5. Less Crack & High Density: less crack and high density make the charcoal burn for a longer time.