Frequent Asked Questions

The pellets are mainly used for heating, animal feeding and animal bedding.

The length and diameter of final pellets depend on the diameter of the die hole in pellet machine. Our pellet machine can be adjusted according to your specific demand.

Yes, we are always ready to support you if you need help. We are certainly glad to show you how to make pellets according to your needs, and provide ideas on what we have discovered from our own testing and studies. We can send our experienced staff and interpreter to your working area if necessary.

We offer Flat Die Pellet mill, Ring Die Pellet mill, Floating Fish Feed Extruder and complete pellet line to meet your wood pellets and feed pellet making requirement.

Well, to start, you need to pulverize the raw materials into appropriate size and make sure their moisture content ranges from 10% to 15%. Then , these crushed materials will be compressed into pellets by the pellet mill. The final products need to be cooled before packing.

Mostly, the machines will be shipped by sea. Air transportation and worldwide shipping is available.

For making wood pellets, any wood wastes and biomass materials, such as wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, wood logs, straw, rice husk, coffee husk, sunflower husk, peanut shell, hay, etc.

For making feed pellets, grains like peanut, barley, corn, beans, wheat, and other nutritional ingredients that the animal need in different growth stages.

Lignin inside of raw materials is best binder, just suitable moisture content is OK, of course, some clients prefer using steam for same purpose
The main body (not include wearing parts) guarantee is one year. During the guarantee period, if the machines are broken without any artificial factors, we will repair the machines for free.
The easy wear parts are roller shell and die. We have replacement parts for the wearing parts of pellet mill in stock, please contact us if you need.

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