500kg/h Mobile Biomass Pellet Production Line
Mobile biomass pellet plant is designed to meet the use of residential heating or small-capacity biomass pellet production, which makes biomass pellets from wood chips, sawdust, cotton stalk, sunflower husk, straw, and many other wood and crop wastes. Our mobile biomass pellet plant has gained much popularity due to its highly effective, reliable operation and low cost. We can make the perfect design according to your workshop and different raw materials with the economical capital investment.

Key Equipment in 500kg/h Biomass Pellet Production Line

♦Wood Crusher
mobile wood pellet plantWood crusher is adopted in this production line. It integrates the process of chipping and crushing, and it is specially designed to crush branches, stems, and fiber stem materials like bamboo, sorghum stalk, etc. with a diameter of 70-200mm. And the diameter of crushed materials is 3-5mm, which is perfect for further processing. For those raw materials whose diameter is less than 50mm, a wood hammer mill is a better choice.

♦Pipe Dryer

pipe dryerThe moisture content of raw materials is a key factor affecting the final pellet quality. A pipe dryer is used for drying raw materials whose moisture content is higher than 16%, whose diameter is less than 3mm and the length is less than 5mm. It is featured by short drying time, large drying intensity, and high thermal efficiency. sawdust pipe dryer and rotary drum dryer are both customized according to the customers’ requirements.


♦Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill
Flat die wood pellet machine plays an irreplaceable role in making small-capacity wood pellets for family or small-scale industrial use. It can turn sawdust, agricultural residues, forestry wastes, wood chips, and crop straws into biomass pellets for home or industrial heating. Its low consumption, competitive price, small floor coverage, and low failure rate make the flat die wood pellet machine economical and durable. Besides, the visibility of the pelletizing process makes it convenient to solve problems timely. Additionally, we provide ring die wood pellet mill for large-capacity production and diesel pellet press for electricity-lacking areas.

♦Wood Pellet Cooler
pellet cooling machineThe wood pellets discharged from the wood pellet mill have high temperature and moisture content. If the pellets are transported or packed without cooling, they can easily stick to each other, lose their shape, or even have a chance of combustion and mildewing. Therefore, cooling plays an indispensable role. The horizontal pellet cooler integrates cooling and sieving, which is especially suitable for cooling the expanded and extruded pellets at small capacity. Besides, we offer counter-flow pellet cooler machines for large-scale wood pellet cooling.

The mobile biomass pellet plant is designed for small-capacity pellet fuel production. Because of the simple operation and low investment, mobile biomass pellet plant is popular with families and small-scale industries. We are always ready to customize biomass pellet plants based on your unique budget and demand.