Charcoal Briquette Plant Introduction
Charcoal briquette is renewable and eco-friendly energy, especially for agricultural countries. The awareness of using biofuel is increasing day by day due to the soaring traditional fuel cost. A charcoal biomass briquette plant is an automatic briquetting plant that makes sawdust into briquettes of different sizes depending on the customer’s requirements.

How to Make Charcoal Briquettes
A charcoal briquette plant consists of four main steps which are biomass material crushing, drying, briquetting, and carbonizing.

1. Biomass materials crushing machine is applied here to crush raw materials to a small size suitable for the dryer. For biomass materials whose moisture content is above 30% and diameter is over 70mm, you can choose a wood chipper; while a wood hammer mill will be your ideal choice if your material’s diameter is less than 70mm and the moisture content is below 30%. After crushing, biomass materials are with a diameter of 3-5mm.

2. For the biomass material drying stage, we have pipe dryer and rotary drum drying machine for your choice. Biomass drying machines can reduce the raw material moisture content to 8%-15%; the choice of drying machine depends on your processing capacity: pipe dryer for small-scale production while rotary drum dryer for large-scale drying.

3. In biomass briquette, our briquette making machine can be customized according to customers’ unique requirements. The briquettes are of high combustion rate and can be cut to a certain length.

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4. Carbonization stage, the temperature inside the carbonization furnace can reach 450℃-650℃. The charcoal briquettes can be used for BBQ and heating in a cleaner way.

charcoal briquette making line

Carbonized Biomass Briquettes Features
1. Thermal efficiency of charcoal briquette bars is enhanced by 30%-40%.
2. Charcoal briquettes are silver black with glossy sections in hollow quadrangle or hexagon columnar type.
3. Through high temperature, purification, and smoke abatement, a carbonization furnace makes semi-finished products into clean charcoals with no smoke, no flavor, and is innoxious.

Charcoal Briquette Application
charcoal briquette1. Widely used for home heating or getting warm.
2. Large demands for international barbecue markets.
3. The charcoal briquettes can be chemical raw material to be processed into activated carbon, carborundum, crystal silicon, and so on.
4. Charcoals are the necessary raw materials for carbon disulfide factories, mosquito-repellent incense factories, explosive plants, copper processing factories, and casting factories.
We are capable to offer you professional biomass briquettes and wood pellets solutions at any time!

Charcoal Briquette Machine Parameters

Model Main Motor Power(kw) Electric Heater Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Overall Dimensions(mm) Final Product Diameter(mm)
ZBJ-60 18.5 1.5kwx3 210-320 1780x750x1290 60Ø
ZBJ-70 22 2kwx3 350-400 1650x600x1260 70Ø
ZBJ-80 22 2kwx3 400-450 1860x800x360 80Ø
ZBJ-90 22 2kwx3 450-500 1800x800x1300 90Ø