Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine Introduction
The Flat die wood pellet mill is developed on the basis of the flat die feed pellet mill. Compare to grain raw material for animal feed pellets, pelletizing large-volume but low-density biomass like sawdust, agricultural residues, and energy crops require higher pressure. With an electric engine, you can precisely adjust the speed of the pellet machine die or roller by the transmission of gearboxes which is connected to the motor. In this way, you can perfectly control wood pellet quality. Our biomass pellet press can process various biomass materials into pellets for green fuel and animal bedding.

Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine

Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Features
▷The machine can suppress biomass pellets (sawdust, forestry wastes, crops straw, grain husks) and grain feed pellets.
▷Flexible design of driven or stationary pellet roller and die, compact structure, good appearance.
▷Suitable for medium, small sized wood pellet plants or families for commercial heating or warming.
▷Pellet production needs no chemicals, glue, or other additives.
▷High pellet output, low energy consumption, low noise, and breakdown rate, economical and durable.

Make Wood Pellets at Home
Electric wood pellet machine plays an irreplaceable role in making a small number of wood pellets for family or small plant use. Biomass raw materials at or around your home like wood scraps, leaves, grass clippings, yard waste, wood shavings, etc. can be applied to process biomass pellets. Collecting these biomass materials for fuel is really a great way to use up the waste that you may throw away. Why not turn these wastes into valuable fuel?

flat die wood pellet mill working principleFlat Die Wood Pellet Mill Working Principle
This flat die wood pellet machine is operated through the gear driving the spindle and die. Feed wood raw materials into the hopper, which are forced out of the die hole by extruding the action of the die and pressing rollers. Wood pellets come out of the die holes and then a sharp knife would immediately cut these pellets into regular length. Our flat die pellet machine is designed with a stationary die and rotating rollers, and this structure has more benefits on longer roller service life and good quality wood pellets.

Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine Technical Data

Model Power  Capacity Voltage Flat die Dia.  Dimension
 WPLM120  2.2kw 40-60 kg/h
single phase/three phases:
220V 50HZ/380V 50HZ 
120mm 550*300*710mm
 WPLM200 7.5kw 110-140 kg/h Three-phase:380V 50HZ 200mm 850*420*850mm
 WPLM300A 15kw 220-280 kg/h Three-phase:380V 50HZ 300mm 1200*520*1050mm
 WPLM300B 18.5kw 250-300 kg/h Three-phase:380V 50HZ 300mm 1200*520*1050mm
WPLM350A  22kw 300-360 kg/h Three-phase:380V 50HZ 350mm 1270*580*1150mm
 WPLM400 30kw 400-500 kg/h Three-phase:380V 50HZ 400mm 1350*600*1200mm
 WPLM500 55kw 700-800 kg/h Three-phase:380V 50HZ 500mm 1700*750*1450mm
WPLM600 90kw 1200-1300 kg/h Three-phase:380V 50HZ 600mm 2100*900*1650mm
WPLM700 132kw 1700-1800 kg/h Three-phase:380V 50HZ 700mm 2400*1050*1870mm

1. Motor is adjustable according to the voltage of your region.
2. Besides the alloy steel flat die, we can supply the stainless steel flat die with, double working life. We ensure good quality flat die wood and feed pellet machines and spare parts such as flat dies and rollers as well as ring die pellet machine rollers and dies.