Pellet Packing Machine For Pellet Plant
Packing is the last but also very important step for the wood pellet plant and complete animal feed pellet plant. Choosing a good pellet packaging machine will make the whole pellet production process perfect. Our vacuum pellet packing machine is made of stainless steel, not only can pack wood pellets, feed pellets, food, fruit, and vegetable but also can pack jewelry and other valuable things. Vacuum pellet packing machines can prevent wood pellets and feed pellets from damp, oxidation, and corrosion so as to keep high quality.

Pellet Packing Machine Features
packed pellet bags1. The machine can finish vacuum-pumping, sealing, and cooling at one time. Specially designed for the application of feed-stuff, chemical, and biomass pelletizing plants.
2. It can measure weight and pack bags automatically. There is a weight sensor and adjuster on the packing machine. When adjusting weight into one stable number for example 20 kg/bag, bags will fall down automatically and the belt conveyor will deliver them to sewing parts, while, when bags fall down to the bottom conveyor, it needs one person to hand them to make sure it will not oblique and pour out pellets.

Pellets Packing Machine Flowing Process
Manual bag placement–>Auto filling–>Auto weighting–>Auto bag conveyor–>Auto bag sewed or sealed

Auto Pellet Packing Machine Main Structures
1. Auto-filling system
2. Auto-weighting balance
3. Auto belt conveyor
4. Auto sewing machine
5. Electric control cabinet

Pellet Packing Machine Technical Data

Model Capacity Power Dimension
WDCS-50 3~4 bags/min (5~50 kg/bag) 2.2 kw 2m*0.8m*2.6m