Ring Die Biomass Briquette Machine Introduction
Ring die briquette machine is a brand new briquetting machine. It can uniformly scatter raw materials into molds by centrifugal force and avoid stocking during briquetting, thus significantly reducing energy consumption. The novel molding structure and smooth briquette discharging make it a more efficient briquette machine. We offer two types of biomass briquette machines: flat die biomass briquette machines and ring die briquette machines. The briquette size and shape can be adjusted by changing molds.

Ring Die Biomass Briquette Features
1. There is no need to add binding material during briquetting process and no pollution when the briquette burns.
2. The heat of biomass briquette is 5,000 Calories higher than raw material.
3. The biomass briquette is a good substitute for firewood and liquefaction gas.
4. Easy to store and transport.

biomass briquette

Raw Material to Make Biomass Briquette
–Various raw material choices
1. Wood logs • Tree branch •Saw dust • Wood chips • Wheat straw • Peanut shell.
2. Rice husk • Sugarcane bagasse • Coffee husk • Tobacco waste • Mustard stalk • Jute waste • Bamboo dust • Tea waste • Palm husk •Soybeans• Paddy straw •Sunflower seed husk • Sunflower stalk • Reeds husk • Cotton plant stem and many other agro and forest wastes.
–Moisture and length content
Nearly any kind of Agro-Forestry waste can be used to make biomass briquette. But the moisture content should be about 20-30% and the size is below 5*5mm. If the raw material can not reach this standard, it should be crushed and dried first by our wood hammer mill and wood material dryer machine.

Ring Die Briquette Machine Parameters

Model Main motor power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Final product size(mm) Raw material moisture Overall dimensions(mm)
WHIR-HYK1000 37 1000—1400 32*32 or 50*32 15—40% 2000*900*1780
WHIR-HYK2000 45 1800—2200 32*32 or 50*32 15—40% 2000*900*1780