Sawdust Pipe Dryer Introduction
The Pipe dryer is also known as a hot flue impulse type dryer or hot air dryer which features high drying efficiency. It can reduce the moisture from 40-45% to 8-12% one time. Hot air pipe dryer is specially designed for power and small particle materials (less than 3mm diameter) drying and is the ideal drying equipment in charcoal briquette or wood pellet processing. For those medium and midget plants that produce wood chips and sawdust for biofuel, a pipe dryer is always the option. We have also offered a rotary drum dryer for the wood material drying process.

Sawdust Flash Dryer Advantages
▷ High heating intensity. Due to the high hot air speed, wood materials disperse well in the air and the drying area increases a lot, thus guaranteeing sufficient drying.
▷ High drying speed. Wood material and the air contacting time is quite short and drying time is 0.5-5 seconds. No harm to wood material pelleting.
▷ Good drying efficiency, and wide application.
▷ Wide ranges of hot air sources: oil burner, gas stove, hot air coal furnace, and vapor heat exchanger.

How to Dry Wood Chips for Wood Pellets or Briquettes
Wood material enters to hot air stove through pipes and is sucked into the cyclone by a draught fan along with hot air. The whole drying process needs only 3-5 seconds. Then the dried wood materials are released from the cyclone while the waste air and vapor go out from the above exit. Here is the pipe dryer in 500KG/H Mobile Wood Pellet Plant.

Wood Powder Pipe Dryer Technical Data

Model Power Capacity Reduced Moisture
TRM—QLHG22 5.5kw 380—560kg/h 10%-15%
TRM—QLHG36 7.5kw 500-700kg/h 15%-25%