Wood Crusher Introduction
Crushing is the first and also important step in the process of wood pellets. There are two types of wood crushing machines available for making suitable size sawdust. The other is the wood hammer mill. The choice of a proper model depends on the type and size of your raw material. Wood crusher is designed to crush wood branches, twigs, and limbs as well as cellulosic stalk materials like bamboo, couch grass, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, etc. It is suitable to crush wood material with a diameter of 50-200mm and a width of 200mm. For wood material with a diameter of less than 50mm, you can choose a wood hammer mill.

Wood Crusher Features
1. Our wood grinder combines both chipping and crushing, so there is no need to use a wood chipper for pre-processing of wood logs. The output of this machine is sawdust which can be further made as wood pellets.
2. Adopts Japan “NSK” bearing which can guarantee a long working life and a reliable operation.
3. Wide application in crushing wood materials with a diameter of 50-200mm and width of 200mm.
4. Highly eco-friendly and energy-saving.

How to Crush Wood Material
Wood crusher works in this way: because of knife cutting and high-speed airflow impact, wood materials are smashed and crushed and can be screened at the same time. During knife cutting, rotors rotate along with the knife cutting direction and create high-speed airflow. Wood materials speed up to be smashed and at last, crushed to the required size.

Choose the Most Suitable Wood Grinder
It’s necessary to use a wood crusher in the complete wood pellet plant if your raw material is raw wood of a larger size. Wood crusher can process raw wood with a size less than 200mm(diameter) and moisture below 30%. After being crushed, the output size can reach a diameter of 3-5mm, which is suitable for further drying and pelletizing.

Wood Crusher Machine Technology Data

Model Power Capacity Raw wood moisture Raw wood size Dimension
WWC11 11 kw 0.4~0.7 t/h 30~50% 50~150 mm 1300*900*1000 mm
WWC15 15 kw 0.6~1 t/h 30~50% 50~200 mm 1300*900*1000 mm
WWC12 22 kw 1~1.5 t/h 30~50% 50~250 mm 1400*1540*1500 mm
WWC10 30 kw 1.5~2 t/h 30~50% 50~250 mm 1400*1540*1500 mm