Wood Pellet Burner Instruction
A wood pellet burner is a piece of burning equipment that transfers biomass fuel to energy for domestic and commercial use. It adopts biomass pellets to replace traditional fuel and has wide application in offering heat for wood pellet boilers, steam boilers, hot air stoves, drying and baking varnish, etc.

Wood Pellet Burning Machine Wide Application
▷Industry: heating for boiler, die casting machines, industrial furnace, drying plant, furniture, clothing, kiln, greenhouse, oil well, etc.
▷Food: heating and dehumidification for crops, seeds, feed, fruit products, dehydrated vegetables, mushrooms, agaric, tremella, tea, tobacco, etc.
▷Commercial: dehumidification for storeroom, baking varnish, workshop, flowers, poultry housing, etc.
▷Daily life: heating for offices, houses, schools, hotels, etc.

Biomass Pellet Stove Features
1. High efficiency & energy-saving
Operating with biomass fuel. 30-60% cost lower than oil & gas fuel.
2. High heating efficiency
Floating and boiling half gasification combustion, spiral-flow type air distribution. Heating efficiency is more than 90%.
3. Stable and safe operating
Positive pressure operating, no tempering.
4. Environmental
Low ash, nitrogen, and sulfur discharge. No CO2 discharge. No tar. Meeting National GB13271 Standard.
5. Easy operating
Fully automatic pellet feeding. Only need one person to operate it.
6. Wide application
For heating and dehumidification in industry, food, commercial and daily life.

connecting mouthes burning mouth pellets conveying pipe
pellet burning operation panel conveyor

How Does a Biomass Pellet Stove Work?
Biomass pellets enter into a semi-gas burning chamber from the feeder. The gasification appliance is supplied from the bottom of the burner. The burning process is floating gasified burning and creates hot gas through a cleavage reaction. Combustible ingredients such as H2, CH4, CnHm, and CO are created & separated out. Oxygen enters and assists in floating, gasification, and burning; at last, the heat is conveyed to heating equipment by the burning mouth.

Wood Pellet Burner Technical Data

Model DHS-R-20 DHS-R-35 DHS-R-50 DHS-R-90 DHS-R-100 DHS-R-150
Heating output 20 kw 35 kw 50 kw 90 kw 100 kw 150 kw
Dimension of burner 380*300*530 mm 380*300*530 mm 420*320*530 mm 420*320*530 mm 420*350*630 mm 440*380*630 mm
Fan Power 40 w 60 w 80 w 150 w 200 w 300 w
Burner hole diameter Ø114 mm Ø140 mm Ø140 mm Ø140 mm Ø160 mm Ø160 mm
Power of ignition 100W/50HZ 220V 300W/50HZ 220V 400W/50HZ 220V 500W/50HZ 220V 600W/50HZ 220V 700W/50HZ 220V
Dimension of pellet tank 510*510*750 mm 620*620*800 mm
The capacity of the pellet tank 60 kg 100 kg
Pellet consumption 4 kg/h 8 kg/h 10 kg/h 15 kg/h 20 kg/h 26 kg/h